How to submit an abstract for the conference ?

You are invited to submit your abstract for an oral presentation ( 20min + 10 min discussion) or a poster presentation, to be part of the 6th International conference of technologies and solutions for efficient and sustainable agriculture.


Mailing Abstracts before May 26, 2023

The abstract shall contain:

  • Title of the presentation
  • Author(s)
  • Keywords
  • Request for an oral presentation or a poster
  • Summary in English with a word limit of 700

Please submit your abstract using the following template to:


Evaluation and selection of abstracts by the Scientific & Technical Committee

The scientific Committee evaluates your abstract according to following criteria :

  • Innovation
  • Interest and relevance to current or near market needs
  • Scientific quality and content
  • Interest and relevance to Agricultural Engineering

WARNING:  that selected authors for oral presentations are required to submit their full papers (maximum 10 pages including figures, tables and references) before September 8, 2023 to be part of the event speaker lineup.