Poster format

As a selected author, you are invited to submit your Poster before September 13, 2024 to


The AGRITECH DAY organization team will take in charge the Poster printing and installation for the conference day.

How to submit your poster

You have 2 possibilities:

1. Use the Indesign assembly
Your poster must be returned to us in a PDF file, standardized for printing (PDF/X-1a:2003 standard, 300 dpi images). The poster number will be integrated later, please leave N°00 as in the source file.

2. Send your presentation
Send files of your presentation and logo in HD (full size PDF, 300 dpi image, vector file…). These files will be integrated into the poster.
The general shape of the poster can be seen in the attached template.
The dimensions of the frame (your presentation area) are in portrait format, 73 cm wide * 130 cm high.

Your poster file must be sent to us before

September 13, 2024

For sending large files, you can use transfer platforms as

If you have any questions about the poster design, please contact Adina GILL (