6Th AgriTech Day

International Conference of Technologies and Solutions for Efficient and Sustainable Agriculture

October 12, 2023 – Rennes, France


This year l’AGRITECH DAY will be bilingual !

Speakers will have the choice to present in French or in English. Simultaneous translations will be available for those who wish to do so.

A visit to an industrial site

A visit to a nearby industrial site is offered to participants the day before the conference. This is an opportunity to discover the manufacturing process, the R&D or the testing facilities of an agricultural machinery company

Join the 6th edition of AGRITECHDAY conference


The 6th AGRITECH DAY by AXEMA will take place in Rennes on October 12, 2023.

This year’s theme will be :

International conference of technologies and solutions for efficient and sustainable agriculture

AGRITECH DAY brings together industry experts, academics and researchers from all over the world to share expertise on recent innovations within the agricultural sector. It also creates an ideal occasion to expand professional network.


The 2023 AGRITECH DAY will take place in Rennes on October 12, 2023. A visit of an Ag-equipment manufacturer facility will be organised on 11 October.

The AGRITECH DAY 2022 book is available for download.

You will find :

– Presentation of the scientific committee

– Speakers biography

– Full papers


Key deadlines to add to your calendar

mai 26, 2023

Deadline for call for papers

Juily 7, 2023

Program Annoncement

September 8, 2023

Paper & Poster submission

SEPTEMBER 22, 2023

Early Registration

October 11, 2023

Industrial Plant visit

OCTOBER 12, 2023

Conference Day

Why you should attend AGRITECHDAY 2023?


Joining as a speaker gives you the opportunity to present your research and innovations and share your expertise with an international audience.



As a poster presenter, you can have one-to-one discussion with attendees on yuour research, and receive constructive feedback.


All accepted research papers will be published in the conference proceedings referd with ISBN Number and will be shared with participants.


AGRITECH DAY offers an opportunity to network and share expertise on recent innovations with your peers from all over the world.