VISIT OF poclains hydraulics

Burel Group will present its now brand Sky Agriculture


Every year, AGRITECH DAY proposes a visit of an agricultural machinery manufacturer premises.

This year, the POCLAIN HYDRAULICS site welcomes you the day before AGRITECH DAY.



poclain hydraulics SITE

Route de Compiègne


October 23, 2024 from 2pm

Access conditions

Visit upon registration and reserved for AGRITECH DAY participants

Logo Sky Agriculture

Program of the visit:

  • Welcome of the delegation by Mr. Eric Vives, Director of Research & Technology and Damien Marsal, Technical Director
  • Tour of the plant and demonstration area (vehicles equipped with Poclain 100% hydraulic and electro-hydraulic transmissions).

who is poclain hydraulics ?

Founded in 1927, POCLAIN employs a team of 2,300 professionals at 8 industrial sites and 6 R&D centers worldwide. With sales of 500 million euros, 90% of which are generated internationally, POCLAIN maintains its reputation for excellence and its commitment to innovation. Each year, the company invests 7% of its sales in research and development.

The Poclain group is resolutely committed to a development and strategic transformation plan aimed at better meeting the challenges of tomorrow: increasing electrification of equipment, development of connectivity within hydraulic systems (IoT, data management), development of associated services, reduction of the ecological footprint.

In this respect, the company adopts a technologically agnostic stance, exploring synergies between hydraulics, electrohydraulics and all-electricity. This diversification reflects the conviction that each technology has its place, depending on the specific use case and the machine’s work cycle. Selecting the right technology therefore requires a thorough understanding of machine usage patterns, underlining the importance of accurate usage data.

With this in mind, Poclain’s service offering is enhanced by a connectivity solution developed with our partner Samsys (internet of things, artificial intelligence and data capture). This collaboration makes it possible to collect critical data on machine operation, enabling us to design systems that are perfectly adapted to actual user requirements. This data-driven approach is essential for making the right choices in terms of architecture and energy optimization, guaranteeing solutions that are not only high-performance but also environmentally-friendly.

In short, Poclain’s innovation strategy is characterized by a holistic approach, integrating bold technological advances, strategic use of data and a deep commitment to the personal and professional development of its employees. Together, these axes form an innovative ecosystem where performance meets sustainability, paving the way for cleaner, more efficient mobility solutions.