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AXEMA organizes each year a technical & scientific conference “SIMA AgriTech Day” to shed light on technologies and innovations of agricultural machinery sector.

Initially called « Rendez-vous Technique AXEMA », the annual conference is organized by AXEMA since 2017. The international edition is in partnership with EurAgeng (European Society of Agricultural Engineers) and is held the day before the opening of the SIMA Show every two years. The French edition on the other hand is local and takes place in an academic institution in France.

Our objectives

create an opportunity to bring together R&D experts, academics and researchers

The project to launch an annual symposium was initiated by AXEMA technical committee in 2016, aiming to create an opportunity to bring together R&D experts, academics and researchers from all over the world to share expertise on new farming practices, innovative equipment development within the agricultural sector.

The objectives of SIMA AgriTechDay are the following:

  • Present and inform about the latest agricultural machinery innovations and new technologies.
  • Provide an opportunity for annual meetings between industry experts, academics and researches to discuss and share the most recent innovations as well as practical challenges encountered in the agricultural equipment’s field.
  • Interest universities and laboratories to the demands and challenges of agro-equipment R&D sector.
  • Attract engineering students to pursue job opportunities the agricultural equipment’s field.

Who THIS conference IS for ?


AgritechDay is intended to a broader technical audience:


  • Agricultural equipment manufacturers
  • Components and subassemblies suppliers (hydraulics, drive systems, automation, electronics, IT and communication technology, robotics …)
  • Technical institutes and research laboratories
  • Engineering schools and universities
  • Engineering and consulting companies.
  • Journalists interested in discovering the sector, meeting and exchanging with agricultural machinery specialists
  • Anyone keen to discover the latest innovations and technologies of agricultural machinery sector.


AgriTech Day is a one day event of consecutive set of plenary sessions, 30 min thematic sessions and poster sessions.

Plenary sessions

The plenary is a sequence of opening / closing of the day on a cross-cutting technical topic related to the theme of the day. The plenary session offers a perspective on the R&D of our sector, or a different look at a technical subject related to agricultural equipment. It is often led by a researcher, an expert, a sociologist, or even a representative of a governmental or institutional body.

POSTER sessions

Posters are physical materials displayed in a dedicated area and accessible throughout the day. Authors can describe the subject of their technical presentation at the beginning of the conference during a 2min pitch session. Participants interested in the subject can then come and discuss the poster with the author during the breaks provided for this purpose, or at any other time during the day.
The posters, of which there are about 15 per edition, are presentations selected from the “Poster” call for papers or papers not selected by the Jury for an oral intervention, but proposed as posters.

Thematic sessions

Throughout the day, twenty or so 30-minute technical presentations (20 minutes of presentation + 10 minutes of discussion with the audience) grouped by theme follow one another on the innovations of the sector.

Unlike the plenary sessions, which are open to all participants at the same time, the thematic sessions are held in parallel in two separate rooms, allowing participants to choose from the programme the presentations that interest them most.
These presentations are selected, following a call for papers, by the scientific and technical committee according to their scientific quality, their innovative and original character as well as their interest and relevance to agricultural engineering and market needs.The themes of these technical presentations are :

  • Innovations in tractors, self-propelled, machinery and
  • Methods for design and development of machinery : Simulation, Calculation and Tests
  • Control of environmental impacts and machines contribution to the agro-ecological transition
  •  Transmissions and drive lines (mechanical, hydraulic,
  • Digital agriculture,decision support tools,Data management, algorithms and software
  • Robotics and autonomous machines
  •  Communication and interaction of systems and machinery, intelligent sensors, AI
  • Advanced agronomic models

industrial PLANT visit

For the AgriTechDay French editions , a visit to a nearby industrial plant is offered to participants the day before the conference. It is an opportunity  to learn about the manufacturing process. 

« A travers des présentations avec un fort contenu scientifique, on peut à la fois appréhender les enjeux de l’agriculture, de l’agronomie et de la société, mais aussi comprendre les solutions techniques existantes ou à développer qui permettront d’y faire face.
La taille de l’événement favorise la qualité des échanges entre intervenants et participants, pendant ou en dehors des sessions. L’organisation dans des campus universitaires permet en outre de sensibiliser les futurs ingénieurs à nos produits et technologies.
C’est cet équilibre subtil entre contenu technique, facilité d’échange et ouverture qui fait la force de l’AgriTech Day. »

Kubota Research and Development Europe, Directeur - Président du comité Scientifique et Technique du SIMA AgriTech Day et Président de la Commission Technique AXEMA., Kubota

« Les SIMA Agri Tech Day sont un des évènements à ne pas manquer dans l’ingénierie de l’agroéquipement en France et en Europe. On peut assister à des présentations ou posters abordant une diversité de grandes thématiques incontournables. Nous apprécions la division en thématiques et en plusieurs salles qui permettent à chacun de construire sa journée suivant ses centres d’intérêt.
L’ensemble des présentations est d’un bon niveau technique et les sujets sont approfondis. Nos équipes R&D ou marketing produits apprécient la rigueur scientifique de l’évènement associée à la convivialité de l’organisation. Selon que l’on soit plus agronome ou plus technologue, chacun y trouve son compte. C’est d’ailleurs la force de ce rendez-vous qui permet de rassembler les académiques
et les ingénieurs/industriels dans un même lieu pour échanger autour de leurs travaux actuels…et pourquoi pas à venir… »

Responsable Recherche & Développement Vice-Président de la Commission Technique AXEMA, BUREL Group